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We will call your clinic to see whether you prefer credit card payment for each case, or monthly billing for all cases. No charge will be applied to until you receive your written report for each case.

Please send lab results and any images (avian/exotic radiographs, pictures of lesions, videos of neurologic patients, etc) by email to or fax 888-496-4473.

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**You will be called by a member of our staff upon receipt of this case submission request more information (lab results if not received) or to discuss the case if all the case information has been collected. Please make sure to give us the best times and numbers to reach you or an alternate DVM to discuss this patient's case. Legally, we can only discuss cases with licensed veterinarians.

Please call PetRays at 1 (888) 4-PETRAYS or 1 (888) 473-8729 for cardiology & radiology consultations other than Avian/Exotic radiology consultations.