Veterinary Answers
Accessible Veterinary Telemedicine

Keep Your Patients!


Provide Specialized Care Within Your Own Practice.

Maintain patients within your hospital without having to refer.

Consult with specialists via phone, email, or fax regarding your difficult cases.

We provide case discussion, treatment protocols, diagnostic plans, assistance with article searches, and answers to general questions.

Consultations are timely, clinically practical, and polite with additional written documentation for your records.

Animal Owners

We strive to provide only the highest level of care possible. As such, we are unable to consult directly with pet owners because quality care starts with a professional veterinary physical examination and depends on a continued relationship with a primary care veterinarian. Veterinary Answers can consult directly with your veterinarian to make a plan for your pet's continued care.

Specialist Veterinarians

We want to hear from you! Please tell us about your clinic and the unique services you offer. We would like to build a relationship with you to facilitate referral from our clients when needed. Contact us

If you are a specialist and are interested in becoming a consultant, please contact us