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You will be sent a follow up report by fax or email to document all communications See a sample report

Advice on diagnosis and management of difficult cases

Veterinary Answers understands the difficulties you face in your practice - from an animal owner's financial limitations, to staff and equipment availability, and the reality that you will never have enough time in the day to do everything. Our goal is to work with you to find the next step in diagnosis or treatment of your patients under these circumstances.

Answers to general questions

Call us when you have a question related to a patient, recent veterinary news, new products, etc. We will research the answer and provide written follow up.

Article Search

Once you leave academia, it is difficult to find the latest information from every journal. We have access to a large number of veterinary and scientific journals. If you are looking for a particular article or the most recent information on a given topic, we can find it for you.

Set Up Protocols

Your clients appreciate it when all doctors in a practice work in similar ways to treat their pets. Catch chronic diseases early, prevent transmission of infectious diseases inside and outside of your clinic, give your patients the best quality of life by managing their chronic diseases based on the latest research. Veterinary Answers will work with you to develop protocols that fit your practice.

Fee Schedule

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* Additional costs may apply for articles not in our library

Turnaround Times

Have a pressing question? Please call us, we will find the answer: 1(877) 262-3024.